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surrender process

Why are you surrendering your dog? Have you sought all avenues to keep your dog? Have you looked into medical solutions, negotiations with landlords, or sought behavior training? If not, could we guide you to some or any of these avenues? We realize it is not always possible, but we want to help you if we can.

We also understand that sometimes things happen that are beyond anyone's control and surrendering your dog is in his/her best interest. 

Our Surrender Process: We ask that you reach out to us for the Surrender Form as this gives us most of the important information about your dog and his/her individual needs. Please complete with as much detail and information as you can, and be honest, as we need to know as much as possible to determine how best to help and not set the dog up to fail.​


The dogs we accept into rescue are placed into volunteer foster homes. So before we will commit to taking any dog into our rescue, we prefer to have a volunteer evaluate the dog first. We understand that because of distance, this isn't always possible. That's why we need honesty above all else. All of our dogs live indoors as part of the foster home’s family, and while in rescue we work with each dog on any issues he/she might have — such as improving manners, obedience training, leash training, and socialization.

Each dog in our care is seen by our Vet, brought current on shots, spayed/neutered, heart worm tested and treated, fecal tested and treated, microchipped, and any other medical problems are addressed and taken care of.

We keep each dog a minimum of three weeks for an evaluation period to help us determine what type of home the dog needs, then we work to match them up with the most suitable home. We carefully screen all applicants, to help ensure that the dogs are going to a loving, secure and knowledgable home and that the dog’s needs match those of the prospective home. We review all applications: that includes homeownership verification or landlord checks, as well as a veterinarian reference to make sure adequate care was provided to past and present pets. Finally, we do an in-home visit to ensure the home is secure and ready for a dog.


Every dog that we accept into this rescue becomes a family member. At SBDR, we have a very successful adoption rate, as we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring each adoption match is solid. Very few dogs ever return to us, but rest assured knowing that once an SBDR dog, always an SBDR dog.

please note

Sunshine Big Dog Rescue will not take on a dog that is prone to aggressive behavior with people or other animals. We are entirely foster-based, which means we will not be able to foster or find a home for a dog who cannot get along with other dogs. Please let us be the judge of that situation though.

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